Sensei Says

  • Testing
    What does a test look like for Nashville Dojo – Isshinryu Karate?
  • Seven Key Points to Good Karate
    Today, I wanted to talk about seven key points to good execution of your karate. Each one by itself will not achieve a high level of execution for your techniques. These are Balance, Speed, Power, Distance, Timing, Relaxation, and Coordination. Now one of my instructors in the past, Tadashi Yamashita, lists their order differently than […]
  • Rule of One, Two, Three, and Five
    Martial Arts is all about repetition to help build up muscle memory. Drills can be boring, fun, or somewhere in-between. But drills by themselves, do not adequately prepare one for self-defense. However, most people take martials arts for that reason! So why does sensei make us do drills. Not only that, why so many of […]
  • New Blog – Sensei Says
    I realized that I have not done a good job at relaying when it comes to teaching aspects of karate. I’m committed to correcting this. Starting this week, I’m going to write a blog post, going into more detail than I might normally during class. I’m going to focus on the “why” I do something. […]