About Us

Nashville Dojo was established in 1966 By Master Denny Shaffer. Nashville dojo is the oldest and longest-running karate school in Nashville. It is an extreme pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to be Chief Instructor at the Nashville Dojo.

Nashville Dojo has a long and distinctive history of some of the greatest instructors and karate-ka. I am excited to carry the honor, traditions, and expectations of The Nashville Dojo’s past, present, and future.

I have been in Martial Arts for over 30+ years, and when the opportunity came for me to take over operation of the dojo so that I could share my knowledge with everyone, I jumped at it.

I believe that I am responsible for teaching the traditions and the art while also ensuring that students walk out with fundamental practical self-defense knowledge and not some false sense of security.

“To get 110%, you must give 110%.”

Sensei Darren Reed