We practice kata, or sometimes called forms in Isshinryu Karate. There are eight kata that form the basic syllabus of Isshinryu.

All eight kata are considered black belt kata, due to their complexity, and the Nashville Dojo also includes 3 other kata, used to teach the basics to beginners.

The names of the kata are:

Black Belt (Official Eight)

  • Seisan
  • Seiuchin
  • Naihanchi
  • Wansu
  • Chinto
  • Kusanku
  • Sunsu
  • Sanchin


  • Kihon Kata Shodan
  • Kihon Kata Nidan
  • Kihon Kata Sandan

But what is kata?

Kata is the repetitive practice of individual moves, usually performed solo, with the intent of building muscle memory. But kata is so much more. It is a method of preserving the history of the art, and its interpretation through the application of techniques (bunkai) that is found within the kata. Two people can look at the moves within an individual kata, and both will see different applications.

This is what differentiates a martial art from a fighting system. The exploration of the kata.

At the Nashville Dojo, we want to help preserve the art, and make sure its practice is continued on for years to come.