Fighting is commonly referred to as kumite, but the name literally means “grappling hands.”

We focus on three different styles of kumite:

  • Ippon Kumite – One step sparring, used for practicing stances, balance, coordination, power, speed, techniques, and timing.
  • Sanbon Kumite – Three-step sparring, similar to Ippon kumite.
  • Jiyu Kumite – Free sparring, which can further be broken down into two styles: tournament and self-defense kumite.

Safety First

When practicing Jiyu Kumite, we are aware that accidents can happen. To eliminate potential injury, all students wear protective gear on their hands, head, feet, groin, and a mouthpiece.

Tournament Sparring

We follow the IIKA rules for sparring.

Self-Defense Sparring

We follow the rules of the street, within reason.