Little Dragons

We are committed to providing a safe and fun learning environment for children to learn martial arts. 

The Little Dragon program is a developmental class for children ages 5 – 7 that concentrates on karate techniques, strength, balance, flexibility training with discipline, focus, and listening skills. This is a great way to introduce young children to karate and physical activity to improve their mind and body as well as social skills. 

Class Expectations:  

Teach class in a safe manner, to ensure students are progressing through the ranks of the Little Dragon program in preparation for integrating into the kid’s class. 


  • Basics of Karate: punching, blocking, kicking, stances, and Japanese terminology. 
  • Life Skills: strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. 
  • Learning Social Skills: discipline, focus, and listening skills. 
  • Complete curriculum can be found in the Student Handbook. 

Expectations for Student: 

  • Come to class with a positive attitude, ready to learn.  
  • Participate in all the scheduled classes. 
  • Listen to the instructors at all times. 
  • Sit and pay attention when the instructor is teaching others. 
  • Perform all exercises to the best of your ability. 
  • Learn the requirements for the next rank and work on improving those skills. 
  • Take personal responsibility for one’s actions and choices, as well as their consequences.