New Blog – Sensei Says

I realized that I have not done a good job at relaying when it comes to teaching aspects of karate.

I’m committed to correcting this.

Starting this week, I’m going to write a blog post, going into more detail than I might normally during class. I’m going to focus on the “why” I do something. This is my personal philosophy when it comes to martial arts, and should never be taken as the final answer.

My philosophy comes from many sources, starting first with my father, then all the different instructors I have trained with, and then the internet. It would be very difficult for me to pinpoint my source for my personal philosophy, who planted the first seed? But I also would like to give credit where credit is due.

So here is a list of my sources, not in any particular order except by years I came into contact with them, and I’m sure I will miss some.

People I have/had the pleasure of speaking to/with:

  • Paul Viall
  • Maria Viall (See keeps me honest!)
  • Richard Rabago
  • William Christopher Ford
  • Ron Williams
  • Tadashi Yamashita
  • Doug (Sorry Doug, I don’t remember your last name, but I sure know the theme song to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood!)
  • Russell Nakada
  • Darren Reed
  • Butch Hill
  • Roy Vaughn
  • Ray Clubb
  • Rob Wethington
  • Fred Jenkins
  • Scott Shamblin

People whom I know via the internet and regularly post things, and/or have been kind enough to directly answer some of my questions:

  • Neil Stolsmark
  • Patrick McCarthy
  • Mark MacYoung
  • Iain Abernathy
  • Jesse Enkamp
  • Arcenio Advincula

If I ever use your materials in a future post, please know it wasn’t done intentionally, and I will always go back and cite the sources when I know.

And if you are my student, please ask “why.” You should never let the answer be, “because sensei said so.” This forum would be a great way for you to ask your questions, and let me dig deep into the answer for all my students.

So please ask your questions!

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